Dan Truman – selected voice work:

Character Reel          Commercial Reel           Narration Reel

Uncanny County.com (radio drama anthology with a twist)

1.6 The Boy Who Cried Martian as  “Harry” a 1930’s Radio Executive giving Orson Welles one last chance. (Stitcher(iTunes)  (This episode won a 2016 Audioverse Award.)

 2.6 Wish You Were Here– Dan was nominated for an Audioverse 2018 Acting award for his turn as a lonely yet loyal PhotoMat employee. (Stitcher) (iTunes)

2.7 Our Better Angels – Dan can be heard as a news channel pundit. 
(Stitcher) (iTunes)

2.9 Wichita Star Man -A skeptical drive-time morning show co-host. 
(Stitcher) (iTunes)

2.10 – Imperfect Storm – Dan pops up  as a radio weatherman. 
(Stitcher) (iTunes)

Eric Molinsky’s Imaginary Worlds Podcast.org
co-produced w/Here Be Monsters “When Cthulhu Calls” – As a Brown Literature Professor. (Stitcher) (iTunes)

As New Haven  Health Commissioner in
“True Vampires of New Haven” (Stitcher) (iTunes)

Audible – Narrating “The Usual Apocalypse” by Christina Price, read by “Blake Bodkin”
(Audible) (iTunes)

And as a Vintage News Announcer for The Americans (FX) show trailer on