“Dan Truman has great comic timing. He inhabits his characters fully. He’s versatile, and always compelling to watch. A true chameleon with the ability to play comedy and drama with the same intensity.”

– Erica Jensen, Calleri Casting

“Supremely versatile”

– Parts Unknown, reviewed by Martin Denton,

“Frighteningly funny.”

– Dark Rapture by Eric Overmeyer, reviewed by Back Stage

“But the real star of the play is the talented Dan Truman as Malvolio….Truman capture’s Malvolio’s long-suffering dignity…laughs from nearly every line.”

– Twelfth Night reviewed By Lindsay Goldwert, Show Business News.

For Barrymore’s Body by Jeff Tabnick

“Most outstanding was Dan Truman’s portrayal of Lorre, for which I did not have to close my eyes. Truman channels Lorre physically and vocally and my thought of “where did they find these guys” was replaced with, “it’s so nice to see them again.”

– Sharon Fogerty

“Not so much impersonation as distillation and channeling… Dan Truman played Peter Lorre with such affection and precision that I am sure every reviewer is gonna s**t themselves over his performance. He’s so perfect ​you wonder how he does anything else.”

– Sean’s Rants Covers NYC Fringe Festival

“a delicious film fan’s delight.”

– Bradley,