photos by Nick Coleman 

Drama Reel

Boardwalk Empire, The Americans, Ray Bradbury’s The Fox and The Forest and more! (2 min)

Comedy Reel

30 Rock, Louie, Exorcists Local 667 and more! (2 min)


Booked and shot HOMELAND as a TV News Reporter on Season 6, Episode 5 (airdate 2/19/17).

Can be heard as “Harry,” a 1930’s Radio Executive with a secret in Audio Verse 2016 Award Winning episode
 on the UNCANNY COUNTY podcast 
 via iTunes and Stitcher

Can be seen as “Dutch Schultz” on
Nat Geo’s “I Am Rebel”
episode 2 “WeeGee The Famous”


I grew up in a small town in Connecticut, where I drank root beer and savored the smell of old comic books in between walks in the woods as leaves crunched under my feet. I play people with a different point of view, playing by a different set of rules, sometimes vulnerable, often enthusiastic about the wrong things. I’ve played a lot of things, but where I can best contribute to your team is playing someone struggling or wrestling with an ethical or moral dilemma – as embodied in MICHAEL CLAYTON – Tom Wilkinson, THE WOODSMAN – Kevin Bacon, and HOUSE OF CARDS – Corey Stoll. Thanks for stopping by and watching my reel.   I can’t wait to add some real character to your next project.